Jul 12, 2009


The thing i love so much and appreciate about music is that it can totally take you into a different world. With good music you can get lost in the words ,it begins to take on a personal meaning to you. well a least that swhat happens to me... i was listening to pretty wings by Maxwell and although i've listened to it endless, endless, times before, it always seems to take on new meaning. It gets me to thinking about relationships, heartbreak and lost loves..its so deep! sometimes its all about timing you can meet the right person at the wrong time and sometimes its not.
Things just dont work out for whatever reasons. what i really love about this song is that he'd rather set her free to find love with someone else..ahh its so bittersweet.. but sometimes you have to set yourself free and realize that there is someone else out there for you. At times thats hard to believe, but i truly believe it now.. this songs is like a slideshow to me i look back on my past with guys and it gives me the hope that real love is out there for me... I realized that i owe it to myself to set my own self free, and throw away old leftover feelings, live with no regrets and love, love, love... fly my pretty wings <3

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